Media Center

AMMS Media Center

Monday-Friday 8:45-4:00

Anne Nelson: Media Specialist 

Welcome to the Media Center and our school website. 

The media center is the heart of our school.  Students use the Media Center to check out textbooks, use computers, and, of course, borrow books for the enjoyment of reading. Faculty and staff use the center for training.  The center also houses a teacher work area, which includes display board tools, videos & DVDs. 

I am available to help with any questions or concerns you may have.  Please feel free to go to our policy page to get a general overview of our Media Center policies.   

We also have "The Book Nook" area for students and teachers to come together and enjoy lunch and a chosen book for discussion.  Information for this will be sent via morning announcements and classroom visits by Mrs. Nelson and designated times will be scheduled.  So be sure to listen to announcements to find when the next book and lunch will be scheduled for "The Book Nook".