Student Resources


You will often receive emails from your Guidance Counselor, teachers, and other adults on campus. Check your emails regularly.

Every Orange County Public School Student is provided with a gmail account.

The format of your email address is: (the student# is your nine-digit student number).

Here’s how to check your email:

  • Sign on to your school-issued laptop.

  • Open Google Chrome.

  • Type in the address bar

  •  Open your emails.


Make a study space and use it every time you study. It should be well lit and free of noise and distractions. Use a strong surface such as a table or desk and a comfortable chair that supports your back. Doing the same routine, every time, trains your brain to be ready for homework.


  • Grab a snack if you feel hungry.

  • Take everything out of your book bag.

  • Is there anything you need to give to your parent? Do they need to sign it?

  • File loose papers away. Save tests and quizzes.

  • Do you need supplies? Let your parent know. Let your teacher know.

  • Check Canvas for assignments.  Do you have any missing assignments? More points means a higher grade!

  • Work on the most challenging subject first.

  • Take a five-minute break every 30 minutes or so.

  • If you get stuck on a problem:

  • Check your notes or compare them to notes of a classmate.

  • Write down what you know about the problem (formula, dates, theories, etc.)

  • Write down questions to ask your teacher

  • Send your homework assignment digitally or place completed paper homework in the same place (folder, binder, etc.) and turn it in the next school day.

  • Regularly check your email. Log onto your laptop as usual, click on Google Chrome and type


  • Get eight to ten hours of sleep each night!

  • Eat a healthy breakfast each morning. Your brain needs fuel. Breakfast is provided in the Cafeteria at 8:45 a.m.

  • Bring necessary supplies to school.

  • Keep materials for each class organized in a folder or binder.

  • Use your Canvas Calendar to record assignments and due dates for projects.

  • Complete all homework assignments and turn them in on time.

  • Check Canvas and Skyward regularly to keep track of your grades and progress.

  • Study for tests ahead of time…not just the night before the test.

  • Participate in class and ask questions.

  • Complete test corrections to improve your grade and help with learning. More points means a higher grade!

  • Go to tutoring sessions if you need help with class or homework. Tutoring is usually available after school through the Boys and Girls Club. Parents will be notified through Dr. Pelletier’s weekly announcements. Teachers will let students know if they provide additional tutoring before or after school.

  • Ask your teacher for help. Some teachers can meet with you before or after school.

  • Have a positive attitude. Believe in yourself.

  • Never quit. When you are learning ANY new skill in life, you will make mistakes. It comes with the learning process. IN order to be good at something, you must keep trying, even when you fail.

  • See your guidance counselor for help:

Ms. King Mrs. Strenth Mrs. Brotherson

6th Grade 7th Grade 8th Grade

Guidance, Room 120B Guidance, Room 120G Guidance, Room 120A

[email protected] [email protected] [email protected]