5th Grade Orientation

Apopka Memorial Middle School

Fifth Grade Transition Guide


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School Counselor: Ms. King

407-884-2208, extension 5002250

[email protected]

Dear 5th Grade Parent:

As your child’s School Counselor, I am here to help you during the exciting transition to middle school.  The transition will occur in stages:

  1. Visits to the Elementary School  (Due to COVID, information is located on our website.)

We visit our feeder elementary schools (Apopka, Dream Lake, Lovell, Rock Springs, and Wheatley) in January/February to meet the students and send home information for parents. Parents and Students will choose elective classes at this time. Choices must be entered before spring break so that we can plan for teacher allocations and the number of courses needed. Students who attend non-feeder schools will receive information through their school’s Registrar or Guidance Counselor. 

  1. AVID and STEM Night (Due to COVID, information is located on our website.)

AVID and STEM are academic elective programs that require completion of an application (see “Course Descriptions” for more information). For additional information, contact: 

Angel Maldonado III STEM Coordinator [email protected]  

Laura Donlon AVID Coordinator [email protected]

  1. 5th Grade Parent Night (Due to COVID, information is located on our website.)

5th Grade Parent Night is held in April /May at our school to provide information for parents and students.  A tour of the school is included. 

  1. Summer

Counselors have a limited number of days to complete schedules over the summer. Parents should contact me before school ends for questions. Otherwise, I will be available the week before school starts.

  1. Open Campus

Dr. Pelletier, Principal, will send a Connect Orange message to notify parents of the date for Open Campus. This event is held the week before school starts. Parents and students can pick up schedules, tour the campus, and meet teachers. Students are strongly encouraged to attend so that they are familiar with the campus before the first day. Call 407-884-2208, extension 5002221 for more information.

  1. The First Day of School

There will be signs to directing students to homeroom to pick up schedules. All students must pick up their schedule in case changes were made after Open Campus. Maps will be provided and adults will be available to assist students.