FAQ About Middle School

Most Frequently Asked Questions about Middle School

What school supplies will I need?

See the AMMS website: [email protected] under “Students” and “Supply Lists.”

How many classes will I have?

There are seven class periods per day and each period lasts about 45 minutes. Students have four minutes to change classes.

Will I have homework?

Yes. We are a digital school, which means that every student is provided with a laptop. Check Canvas and Skyward each evening.

How do I know what grades I have?

There are four report cards and four progress reports each school year. Check Canvas and Skyward regularly to keep track of grades.  Parents:  ocps.net, “Current Families,” and “Skyward Information.”  Contact the teacher if you are unsure about a grade.

Will lockers be provided?

Lockers are only provided in Physical Education (P.E.). Students who have P.E. should purchase a combination lock.

If I am scheduled to take P.E. what do I need in order to dress out?

Students will need a white t-shirt (with or without design), blue or black athletic shorts, sneakers, a water bottle and a combination lock.

How will I know if I can ride the school bus?

Visit www.ocps.net/newcomers/find_my_bus, “Access the Find a Bus System.” Questions? Contact Transportation: 407-317-3800.

Will I have an I.D.?

IDs will be provided at the beginning of the school year at no charge. Replacement IDs cost $ 3.00.  IDs must be worn at all times on campus and are used for checking out books, purchasing meals, and admittance to school functions.

Is breakfast offered?  When do I have lunch?

Breakfast is served from 8:55 am to 9:25 am. For information on nutrition and menus: ocps.net, “Departments,” “Food and Nutrition Services.” The Free/Reduced Lunch Application is available at www.myschoolapps.com/Application and must be completed each school year. Most sixth graders eat lunch after second period, which is 11:12 a.m. (10:54 a.m. on Wednesdays).

Are there any sports teams?

We have soccer, volleyball, basketball, and track teams for girls and boys (one sport for each nine weeks).  Students must have a physical and a “C” average. Stay tuned to the Principal’s weekly announcements, usually sent out on Sundays.

How do I check out library books?

You may check out books in the Media Center as long as you have a pass from your teacher and bring your student ID badge.

What clubs can I join?

We usually have a club fair in the gym the first nine weeks of school. Stay tuned to the announcements.

What do I do if someone is bothering me?

Students should tell their parent, teacher and Dr. Sears if a student is bothering them.

Who is my School Counselor?

Ms. King is located in 120B in Guidance. Students should make sure they have a pass from their teacher to go anywhere on campus during their scheduled class period. Parents can contact her through email: [email protected] or by phone at 407-884-2208, ext. 5002250.