Back-to-School Year Info

Hello Seahawk parents and guardians,

Welcome back to school and thank you for being patient with us as we work through the challenges of getting courses ready for your children. I hope this document will answer most of your questions.

Here are the most important dates you need right now:

Friday, August 7th: student schedule are available in Skyward
Monday, August 10th: virtual classes begin for ALL students
Friday, August 21st: ALL students are required to begin classes. Face to Face starts ONLY IF you chose this option.
Monday, September 7th: Labor Day Holiday

*NOTE: Student schedules MIGHT change starting on Aug. 21st. As we make the shift to some Face to Face courses, your child’s schedule might change. You will need to pull a new schedule on Aug. 21st.

Let’s start with how you will get your child’s course information. Orange County Public Schools uses Skyward “Family Access” system to access all your child’s information and classes. Family Access is the parent portal that will allow you to see your student’s grades, attendance, schedule, and other important information.

At the beginning of August, you will need to register for a LaunchPad account to access Skyward Family Access. You may already have an account created from last year so you will not need to do this again. Get Launchpad Directions here, and then click on “documents”, follow the directions in “This is the 1st step”.

LaunchPad is essentially a portal site that will provide you with automated access to different OCPS systems that parents and guardians will utilize – such as Canvas. Canvas is where your student will go every morning to log into their classes when they are scheduled.

The registration process for LaunchPad uses your mobile phone number or email address that you have on file with the school in our current student information system. If your mobile phone number or email address has recently changed, and you have not notified the school, you will want to do this before August so you can complete your registration in LaunchPad. Please call the office at 407.884.2208 or you can send an email to [email protected]

Once you have completed the registration process, LaunchPad will then provide you with an automated login to Skyward Family Access. Click here for Skyward Family Access directions, and then click on “documents”, follow the directions in “This is the 2nd step”.

Your child’s class schedule will be in Skyward Family Access starting on August 7th, 2020. You will need the schedule to see what classes your child will be logging into according to our bell schedule. The bell schedule is here:

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday
 6th Grade  7th Grade  8th Grade
 1st  9:30-10:21  1st  9:30-10:21  1st  9:30-10:21
 2nd  10:25-11:12  2nd  10:25-11:12  2nd  10:25-11:12
 LUNCH  11:12-11:42  3rd  11:16-12:03  3rd  11:16-12:03
 3rd  11:46-12:33  LUNCH  12:03-12:33  4th  12:07-12:54
 4th  12:37-1:24  4th  12:37-1:24  LUNCH  12:54-1:24
 5th  1:28-2:15  5th  1:28-2:15  5th  1:28-2:15
 6th  2:19-3:06  6th  2:19-3:06  6th  2:19-3:06
 7th  3:10-3:57  7th  3:10-3:57  7th  3:10-3:57

 6th Grade  7th Grade  8th Grade
 1st  9:30-10:12  1st  9:30-10:12  1st  9:30-10:12
 2nd  10:16-10:54  2nd  10:16-10:54  2nd  10:16-10:54
 LUNCH  10:54-11:24  3rd  10:58-11:36  3rd  2:16-2:54
 3rd  11:28-12:06  LUNCH 11:36-12:06  4th  11:40-12:18
 4th  12:10-12:48  4th  12:10-12:48  LUNCH  12:18-12:48
 5th  12:52-1:30  5th  12:52-1:30  5th  12:52-1:30
 6th  1:34-2:12  6th  1:34-2:12  6th  1:34-2:12
 7th  2:16-2:54  7th  2:16-2:54  7th  2:16-2:54

What do I do on August 10th?

Prior to the 10th, you should set up your Launchpad and your access to Skyward. Have your child log into their own Launchpad site: 
Once Launchpad is open, you child should do the following:
• Have a copy of their schedule (from Skyward)
• Have a copy of the bell schedule
• Log into Launchpad and then into Canvas (click on the icon that says Canvas)
• Once in Canvas, he/she will see all the classes they are enrolled in for the school year. He/She should click on the 1st period class by 9:30 am and be ready for live instruction from the teacher.
• Follow the bell schedule and click into the appropriate class at the beginning of each class period.
• Your lunch period is based on your 3rd or 4th period class. You can check with your teacher and ask them what lunch to eat or look here:

Eat 6th grade Lunch if your 3rd period teacher is the following:

Eat 7th grade Lunch if your 3rd period teacher is the following:

Eat 8th grade Lunch if your 4th period teacher is the following:

Students can ask questions through the chat function on the course and they can also email their teacher directly through the Canvas course.
**PLEASE be patient with us as we navigate our way through this new virtual learning environment. It may take a day or two to get it into a smooth functioning of the technology.

How can I see what is in my child’s Canvas class?
You can communicate with the teacher and see what assignments are in the canvas class by following these directions to become a parent observer:

1st Step is for the Student:
• 1. Login to Launchpad and then into Canvas
• 2. Click on “account” in the upper left hand corner of your screen once you are in Canvas.
• 3. Click “settings.”
• 4. Once in settings, click “pair with observer” and write down the code that is generated.

2nd Step is for the Parent:
• 1. Login to and click on “parent login.”
• 2. Register for a canvas account, and then enter the “student pairing code” from step number 4 above.
• 3. You should now have access to view your student’s courses.

How can I learn more about the school and my teachers?
We have a virtual tour of the school on You Tube if you would like to watch it:
Please subscribe to the Apopka Memorial Middle School channel for future events and videos.
Each of your child’s teachers has recorded a “Meet the Teacher” video and those are posted on the Canvas course home page for you and your child to watch together.

Each week the school publishes a newsletter called “The Squawk” and it will contain lots of great school information. You will also receive the weekly phone announcements from me on Sunday evenings. If you are not receiving these newsletters or the calls, please call the office and check that we have the correct email address/phone number on file for you.

New Dress Code Guidelines for 2020-2021
School Board approves revisions to Code of Student Conduct for upcoming school year
The purpose of the revisions to Policy JIC - Code of Student Conduct is to authorize procedures for disciplinary action and address the rights of students.

Revisions to the student dress code include:
• A comprehensive requirement that is gender neutral, objective, and detailed.
• Clothing must cover the body from one armpit across to the other armpit and down to approximately mid-thigh.
• Tops must have straps.
• Undergarments must not be viewable.
• Rips, holes, or tears in clothing must be below the knee.

Schedule Issues or Change Requests 
Please click this link to access the schedule change form:
Schedule Change Form

Guidance Counselors:
Karen King: 6th grade and 8th grade last names A-L
Leslie Strenth: 7th grade and 8th grade last names M-Z

Please NOTE:
* We are not accepting requests for teacher changes, lunch period changes or class period changes.
* Due to class size requirements and instructional model selections, we are not making electives changes at this time
* At this time, the only schedule changes that we are doing are for the following reasons:
1. student is missing a period student has already taken a course on their schedule
2. student is in the wrong level class (regular vs. advanced)

We are looking forward to having student start school again!  If you have any questions please contact the front office at 407-884-2208.  You can also email:   [email protected]

Welcome back Seahawks!
Dr. Pelletier