Dress Code

Apopka Middle School Dress Code

The dress code at Apopka Middle School is based on enhancing the learning process and personal safety. The following rules apply to all clothing worn on AMMS:


  • Must have sleeves Must have backs or back straps
  • Midriffs are to be covered at all times Shoes with wheels are not permitted.

Pants, Shorts or Skirts

  • Must be no shorter than 3" above the knee (a3x5 index card will be used to measure)
  • Must be fitted/worn no lower than the hips
  • Spandex/biker shorts are not allowed

The following will not be allowed at school

  • Body piercings other than ears Unnatural hair coloring
  • Chains or straps that are longer than 12”, Pajamas or swimwear
  • Clothing that is too tight or revealing Underwear as outer garments or exposed
  • Clothing with holes, tears or inappropriate patches or sayings
  • Tattoos, either permanent or temporary, including writing on the body
  • Hats, visors, caps or bandanas (hats, visors, caps only permitted on Hat Days)
  • Designs with suggestive, obscene, or abusive language/pictures, or promoting tobacco products, alcohol, or drugs
  • Writing or pictures on backpacks, clothing, or supplies that involve gang paraphernalia, gang symbols, or racist symbols
  • Anything deemed inappropriate by the administration, which disrupts the educational process.